Who we are

cropped-sigep.jpgSigma Phi Epsilon was founded in 1901 by 12 men in Richmond, Virginia around the values of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love. Since then, Sig Ep has developed many balanced Men and become an example fraternity for the country.

Our UConn CT Alpha Chapter was originally formed in 1956, and reestablished in 2014. We are currently 74 men strong with over 1000 alumni through the years.

Our Chapter participates in the Balanced Man Program, which is built upon two simple ideals of sound mind and sound body. Through this development program we work to exceed in athletics, academics and personal achievements.

Here at UConn our brothers participate in various leadership roles all over campus. We boast the highest GPA of greek organizations on campus, last semester that was a 3.4. We participate in various community events throughout the year such as Huskython. Our national fraternity also hosts development events such as EDGE, Life After College, and Carlson Leadership Academy. Details on those can be found on our national fraternity site.

Additionally, we do our own regular brother bonding events like white water rafting, paintball, ski trips and trips to cities like Boston of NYC. Every week we have a brother dinner at Towers dinning hall and every few weeks we visit our chapter’s favorite restaurant, Willington’s Pizza.

Our fraternity strives to create a safe and constructive atmosphere for all of our brothers. We understand that college is four of the most important and exciting years in a young man’s life. Our goal is to make those four years as rewarding and memorable as we can, while we welcome everyone who is trying to grow as leaders, athletics, scholars, and balanced men.

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