SigEp Takes Carlson

Last weekend (Feb. 5, 2016) fourteen brothers in the Connecticut Alpha chapter (UConn) of Sigma Phi Epsilon decided to trade their weekends to attend the annual Carlson Leadership Academy (CLA). CLA is responsible for training brothers across the nation about leadership positions that SigEp offers.  With over 50 SigEp chapters in attendance, Connecticut Alpha stood out by receiving two awards; the Talent Power Award for Recruitment and the Excelsior Award for finance. In addition to the recognition of our chapters success, Connecticut Alpha continued to impress by the presentation of the Exemplary Service Award to UConn alumni, Joe Langella. Introduced by UConn SigEp’s president Paul Deangelis, Langella talked about his meaningful experience with SigEp and how it impacted his life. Ending with the encouragement for all SigEp brothers to give back to their chapters and the organization as a whole, Langella inspired the crowd and especially the brothers of Connecticut Alpha. After Langella closed CLA with his final speech, the brothers of Connecticut Alpha were left with a passion to make their chapter one of the best on campus and in SigEp. With brothers recently being trained in Recruitment, Member Development, Programming, Finance, how to run the Balanced Man Scholarship and how to be a good President, the brothers at UConn show potential and exude a burning passion for becoming one of the greatest SigEp chapters of all time.

-Jake Rudolph

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I’ve seen the future of Sigma Phi Epsilon and that future is Connecticut Alpha”- Joe Langella, CT Alpha ‘83

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